The MAX Wasn’t Broken, But Clickbait Media Forced Boeing To “Fix” It Anyway

  • They approached the runway three times too steep.
  • They attempted to land around 80 miles per hour too fast.
  • They did not put the landing gear down.
  • After scraping the engines on the runway, instead of letting the plane slide to a stop, they went back into the air to attempt another landing, presumably so they could get the gear down before landing on their second try.
  • As the pilots maneuvered the plane to make a second landing, the engines failed, presumably due to contact with the runway on the first landing. The plane crashed short of the runway with no power.
  • Flights One Through Three. When the problem arose, the pilots were sharp enough to deal with it.
  • Flight Four. The pilots at the controls didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, a pilot from another airline hitching a ride in the cockpit knew how to handle it. He coached the pilots at the controls through the procedure, which is in the manual and they should have memorized.
  • Flight Five. The pilots did not know what to do. They crashed.
  • untrained and/or incompetent pilots
  • incompetent maintenance
  • incompetent management, and
  • incompetent governmental oversight.



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Capt Tom Bunn

Capt Tom Bunn

Tom Bunn is a retired airline captain and licensed therapist. He is the originator of the SOAR Fear of Flying Program.